Embracing Motherhood and Community

Jun 11, 2024 | Patient Stories

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When Katelyn Tageant first crossed paths with her future husband, Clay, she couldn’t imagine where life would lead them. Their love story blossomed from fierce competitors to college sweethearts, eventually becoming parents and lifelong partners.

Returning to their roots in Franklinton after college, Katelyn and Clay began to build their lives. Clay followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a coach at Franklinton High School, while Katelyn pursued higher education, earning her master’s degree in 2019.

Their daughters, Fallon and Farrah, were born at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital, and the family’s experience through all maternity was marked by personalized and compassionate care. The convenience and quality of local healthcare were game changers for the family, letting Katelyn avoid the difficulties of scheduling and traveling for medical appointments.  

Finding Solace in Personalized Care

In a world where many people feel like just another number, Katelyn found comfort in the familiarity and care she received at Our Lady of the Angels. The nurses and doctors didn’t just treat her; they embraced her, addressing every fear and concern with empathy and expertise.

“Having Fallon was a mix of excitement and nerves,” Katelyn recalls. “But the nurses and doctors made me feel like family. By the end of my pregnancy, they knew me so well that I didn’t even need to check in at the clinic — they recognized me right away.” 

Compassionate Support During Labor

Katelyn’s anxiety as a first-time mom was alleviated by the compassionate care she received at Our Lady of the Angels. The support from the nurses made a significant difference. 

She recalls the warmth and reassurance from her delivery nurse, Leigh Ann Pardon, RN, who provided comfort during the nerve-wracking moments of labor. Her care team understood her struggles and offered unwavering support.

“I was terrified of getting an epidural,” Katelyn remembers. “But Leigh Ann’s comforting hug made the fear disappear. It’s those personal touches that made all the difference.”

The Importance of Community in Healthcare

Beyond her own care during and after pregnancy, Katelyn appreciates the comprehensive support her family receives with the exceptional pediatric care at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health in Bogalusa. 

From well-child visits to routine checkups and mental health support, the hospital’s services encompass every aspect of her family’s well-being. Katelyn specifically praises the pediatric clinic’s attentiveness, noting how the providers not only cared for her children but also monitored her postpartum health.

The providers’ holistic approach — attending to Katelyn’s mental health alongside her newborn’s care — fostered a sense of trust and security, allowing Katelyn to navigate motherhood with confidence.

Championing Local Healthcare in Washington Parish

As the Tageant family continues to thrive, Katelyn remains an advocate for Our Lady of the Angels, sharing her positive experiences with friends and encouraging others to trust in the community-based healthcare system. Our Lady of the Angels is a two-time Top Rural Hospital recipient and designated as a Louisiana Birth Ready+ facility.

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