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Feb 12, 2024 | Team Member Spotlights

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with your spouse? Across our health system we have many married couples who work in our ministry.

For Valentine’s Day this year, we spoke with Todd and Taylor Knight who both work at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital and have been married for six months.

Todd and Taylor Knight

Todd is a clinical pharmacy supervisor, and Taylor is a registered nurse in the emergency department. Read the Q&A with Todd and Taylor below to find out more about their story and the advice they’d give to other couples who work together.

Q. How long have you two been together?

Four years total and married for six months.

Q. How did you meet?

We were members of the same gym and started seeing each other there regularly. Eventually this led to small talk and we decided to meet up for dinner and a movie one night.

Q. How long have you worked together?

We have worked together for about four years. Taylor was a nursing student at Our Lady of the Angels and started working here right after she graduated, which was not long after we started dating.

Q. Do you carpool to work? If so, what do you normally listen to?

On occasion, but usually Taylor has to be at work before Todd. When we do ride together, we listen to whatever is playing at the time. Neither of us are morning people so we are usually still processing things and slowly waking up!

Q. Do you eat lunch together? If so, what is your go-to place?

Sometimes if we have time, and Golden Pear is usually our go-to when we eat together.

Q. Overall, what is it like working together?

Todd: To be perfectly honest, it’s convenient and rewarding. I love seeing my wife helping patients in the ER and seeing her patience and hard work in real time. It makes you appreciate what your partner goes through and helps me relate when she tells me about her day.

Taylor: Truly remarkable. Knowing my husband is in the same building is beneficial and a blessing. He’s never far if I need his help. He’s amazing at his job. It brings me so much joy to watch him go above and beyond for our patients and coworkers.

Q. Any advice you want to share for other couples out there who work together?

Todd: Use it as an opportunity to connect with one another.  Having another opportunity to have more shared experiences and commonality can be valuable with relating, sympathizing, or encouraging one another.

Taylor: Realize how big of a blessing it is to work with your person. It’s nice to have someone who truly understands what you do for a living, provides feedback when you need their opinion, or just have someone to vent to.

Taylor and Todd Knight sitting on steps

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