Henrietta Colbert

Oct 23, 2023 | Team Member Spotlights

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After 50 years of service at Our Lady of the Lake, Henrietta Colbert’s favorite part of her job is still the compassionate people and camaraderie.

Colbert is a secretary at Our Lady of the Lake in the Radiology Department. She began her journey at the ministry in 1973 at the hospital’s original location in downtown Baton Rouge. Working at Our Lady of the Lake was and is her dream job.

“I have always wanted to work at the Lake. I chose to stay because it’s a good place to work with good benefits and I have a good relationship with my coworkers, supervisors and radiologist,” says Colbert.

While she has worked in different positions throughout her tenure, all have been within the radiology department. She began as a patient transporter and darkroom technician.

When Our Lady of the Lake relocated to its current location on Essen Lane, Colbert became a clerk and transitioned into her current role in the radiology department’s special procedures unit.

Favorite Part of the Job: Working with a Compassionate Team

Colbert’s favorite part of her job is the people she works with. “I love the compassion and teamwork that I see from my coworkers, for their patients and each other,” she says.

“With God’s help in our healthcare ministry, working together as a team, we can accomplish a lot in caring for patients and each other,” Colbert shares. “I have been fortunate enough to have good help along the way. I could do nothing by myself.”

During October, our health system celebrates team member anniversaries, recognizing those who have achieved milestone years of service within our organization. We will be featuring team members across our ministry all month long!

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