Jennifer Navarre, NP

Oct 24, 2023 | Team Member Spotlights

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Jennifer Navarre began her healthcare career with Our Lady of Lourdes 40 years ago.

“I chose to work for Our Lady of Lourdes because it is faith-based. I remained because of the people and culture of giving,” says Navarre, currently a family medicine nurse practitioner with Our Lady of Lourdes Physician Group, who previously served as a nurse in oncology, rehab, the intensive care unit, the emergency department and case management. “My time in the emergency department is the most memorable – not only the work experience, but the amazing people who can instill hope and find joy in often dire situations.”

Her favorite part of the job is talking with her patients. She says, “I wish people knew that the role of a nurse practitioner, like healthcare in general, is multi-faceted, challenging and rewarding. I often think of my role as being a hybrid, which I like to believe is the best of both worlds.”

A Special Place to Work

Acadiana is special because of its local culture, which Navarre says is most evident in her day-to-day interactions with patients and families. Faith is a fundamental element of the various cultures here, so it’s only natural that as a faith-based organization our healing efforts extend beyond the physical into the spiritual. 

“We can freely call upon our Lord and Savior to guide and sustain us through those moments when we are limited by human capabilities,” she explains.

Exceeding Expectations

Throughout her career, Navarre’s priorities expanded and contracted. Different settings often determine her priorities. 

“When I believe more is needed and obtainable, my efforts are congruent with the goals. When expectations exceed what is likely possible, then my expectations are contracted and new goals established,” she says. 

Navarre also values listening inside and outside of work. “Listening is crucial in both my work and personal life,” she says. “It is the pathway to mutual satisfaction and growth of both parties.”

During October, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System celebrates team member anniversaries, recognizing those who achieved milestone years of service within our organization. We will feature team members across our ministry all month!  

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