Julian Briggs, RN

Feb 11, 2022 | Team Member Spotlights

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Nothing is given to you. Embrace the “I can” mentality. Work hard to earn it and let your work speak for yourself.

This philosophy continues to guide Julian Briggs, RN, Cardiovascular Services vice president for Our Lady of Lourdes Heart Hospital, professionally and personally. It also underscores the importance, he said, of seeing Black History Month as more than an annual commemoration.

“We should always reflect on the paths created and the challenges encountered by our African American people,” Julian explains. “In addition, we should acknowledge and praise the accomplishments they made with few resources.”

Inspired by that spirit of resilience and determination, Julian decided in high school to enter nursing as a career. “I knew I wanted to help people,” he says. “Nursing provides that platform and allows us to unite with individuals of our community during their time of need. It is truly fulfilling.”

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