Nathan Hite, MD

Mar 11, 2022 | Team Member Spotlights

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Board Certified colorectal surgeon Nathan Phillip Hite, MD, is a lifelong Louisiana resident. Well, almost.  

“I like to say that I was born and raised in south Louisiana,” Dr. Hite says. “Actually, I was adopted. I came to Louisiana at four months old and have been here ever since.” 

Becoming a Doctor 

Through the years, Dr. Hite has taken full advantage of his adopted Louisiana heritage. After earning his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, he attended LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. Following a general surgery internship at the Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia, he returned to his home state to perform his residency at LSU in New Orleans.  

Once he completed his residency, he headed to Seattle, Washington. There, he completed the Ochsner Health Colorectal Fellowship at the Swedish Colon and Rectal Clinic. To further the understanding and care of colorectal conditions, Dr. Hite has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications in the areas of colorectal surgery and cancer. 

Passionate Care 

Though he enjoys colorectal hot topics such as rectal cancer, Dr. Hite is also interested in benign conditions. He’s drawn to troublesome issues, conditions that aren’t life-threatening but make life less enjoyable such as abscesses (painful swelling around the anus) and anal fissures (tear in the anal canal lining).  

“These are considered ‘small’ problems, but they still have a major impact on people’s lives,” Dr. Hite says. “Being able to fix these problems greatly improves a patient’s quality of life, and I’m grateful to play a role in that.” 

As a member of Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group, Dr. Hite has access to specialized tools that allow him to perform advanced surgical intervention. One of the most powerful tools is inside the operating room.  

Thanks to robotic surgery, surgeons can perform complex operations in a minimally invasive fashion. Dr. Hite explains that this reduces stress on the patient and surgeon. As a result, complex procedures can be completed easily, safely and quickly.  

Dr. Hite says access to surgical robots is one reason he enjoys practicing medicine with Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group. But high-tech tools aren’t the only reason he appreciates his practice. The people make it even better. 

“We’re a very close-knit group that always supports one another,” Dr. Hite says. “Everyone is committed to ensuring quality outcomes for patients, and we’re given full freedom to put patient care first.” 

Life Beyond the Operating Room 

As expected, Dr. Hite is a loud and proud LSU graduate. When not helping people overcome colorectal health issues, he can be found rooting for the Tigers on the football field. He also enjoys cooking and eating good food and spending time with family. 

Married in 2020, he and his wife enjoy going to the beach as often as possible. They’re often spotted out and about with their rescue dog, Roux, in tow.  

Need a car detailed? Ask Dr. Hite for some tips. He enjoys the process and end product. He often details his car and those of his family members. When it comes to fun and games, Dr. Hite has a thing for poker. Just be careful when playing with him, he’s pretty good. 

Learn more about the Our Lady of the Lake Robotic Surgery Institute here

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