Pauline Breaux, RN, BSN

Oct 19, 2022 | Team Member Spotlights

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Growing up with six brothers and three sisters, Pauline Breaux, RN, BSN, is no stranger to supporting and caring for others. It is no surprise that she has found joy working in healthcare for the past four decades.  

No Regrets 

Forty years ago, when her neighbor suggested she work at Our Lady of Lourdes, Breaux told her, “OK, I’ll go, but if I don’t like it, I’m leaving.”  

Fortunately, by the end of Breaux’s first day, she was happy to finally be doing what she loved: caring for patients. Breaux never regretted her decision and believes God led her here to help heal others. 

How Things Have Changed 

For Breaux, the hospital is what has changed the most.  

“When I started at the old campus, it was only three stories with old elevators,” she says. “There was even a room on the third floor that people paid for on the weekend to come and rest. It had a chandelier and room service.” 

In Breaux’s early years of nursing, “the bell” was used to call nurses. 

“It was two rings for a nurse, or three rings for an aid,” Breaux recalls. “On a busy day, you’d go home hearing ringing in your dreams.” 

Everyone answered the bell, regardless of how busy they may have been.  

“We were a family who worked, played and cried together in providing quality and compassionate care,” Breaux says.  

Living Our Mission 

Breaux plans to keep working for as long as she can continue to bring hope and healing to her patients. Until then, she personifies our mission through her work and supporting her team. Breaux encourages all who work in healthcare to deliver care with compassion. 

During October, our health system celebrates team member anniversaries, recognizing those who have achieved milestone years of service within our organization. We will be featuring team members across our ministry all month long!

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