Beat Car Seat Heat This Summer

Jun 21, 2021 | Children's Health

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The heat is on! Welcome to another summer in the South, where heat and humidity are not your friends. Both can be relentless on the smallest Louisiana residents. This should come as no surprise, but you may be curious to know there are steps you can take to keep your child cool in a car seat this summer while you’re on the go.

Consider this:

1. A freezable cooling mat enables the car seat to remain cool while you’re running an errand inside with your little one. Avoid using the cooling mat with your child in the seat; they are designed to be used while the seat is vacant.

2. Window tint reduces heat inside the vehicle. Check with local tint professionals or law enforcement to determine which shade is both legal and beneficial.

3. Start the vehicle and let the inside cool a bit before placing your child in the car seat.

4. To prevent a burn, be sure to check any metal buckles or plastic parts that may have direct contact with your child’s skin to ensure they are cool to the touch.

5. A reflective sunshade for the front windshield can help keep internal temperature down while you’re not in the vehicle. Avoid roller shades or ones that attach to the inside glass with suction cups, as these may become dislodged and strike the child while the vehicle is in motion.

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