Breastfeeding and COVID-19

Aug 12, 2021 | Children's Health

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Breastfeeding has many benefits to both mom and baby, and increasingly research is revealing a new benefit: vaccinated mothers’ breastmilk carries antibodies that can protect their babies against COVID-19.  

According to recently published data, COVID-19 itself is not transmitted through breastmilk, but antibodies are. Antibodies to COVID-19 have been found in breastmilk, both from mothers who have had COVID-19 and mothers who have been vaccinated.   

Of course, being vaccinated protects the nursing mother herself, which is of key importance for her infant’s health. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice, but if you are a nursing mother, it is a safe choice.  

If a breastfeeding mom is exposed to or infected with COVID-19, she can still safely breastfeed by taking precautions: wearing a mask and washing her hands before and after nursing. Alternatively, she can pump breastmilk for another caregiver to feed the baby until she has recovered. 

Connect with a lactation consultant!  

No matter where you live it’s easy to access lactation support. Our Board Certified lactation consultants are available for consults either via video visits, in-person or via telephone. You do not need a referral or physician order to schedule an appointment. If you are an existing Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health network patient, schedule your consultation via MyChart or call –  

As always, talk with your pediatrician to help your family make the right decisions for you. To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine for you or eligible child, click here.

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