Firework Safety Tips from a Pediatrician

Jul 2, 2024 | Children's Health

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Fireworks can make any celebration magical, but safety comes first.  

To ensure the safety of your little ones, follow this advice from Meghan Poole, MD, pediatrician with St. Dominic Family Medicine – Gluckstadt.  

The Hidden Danger of Sparklers 

“Fireworks are not safe for children – even sparklers!” Dr. Poole says. “Sparklers are a major cause of fireworks-related injuries in kids. They can reach a temperature of 2,000 degrees.” 

That’s hot enough to melt even some metals, making sparklers a significant risk for burns and injuries. 

Flags, glow sticks and confetti poppers are fun, safer options for kids to remain in the festive spirits and participate in the celebration without the risk of being burned. 

Leave Fireworks to the Professionals 

Professional fireworks displays are designed with safety measures that home setups often lack. 

“Consider attending a professional show rather than lighting fireworks in your backyard,” Dr. Poole says. “It’s best to leave it to the professionals!” 

Keep a Safe Distance 

Whether you’re watching a professional show or safely lighting your own fireworks, keep kids far away from the action. And never hold a child while you’re handling fireworks. 

“Allow children to enjoy fireworks from a safe distance – at least 500 feet away from the launch site,” Dr. Poole says.  

Watching from a distance not only keeps kids safe but it also gives them a spectacular view of the show! 

Be Ready for After the Fireworks 

Always have a bucket of water or hose ready to quickly douse any unexpected fires or smoldering fireworks. 

Used fireworks can still be hot and potentially dangerous. Ensure kids know not to touch any remnants and dispose of them safely yourself. 

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