Going Above and Beyond: Exceptional Physical Therapist Gives Courage and Confidence

Jun 27, 2024 | Children's Health, Patient Stories

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When Jaclyn and Todd Peters brought their 9-year-old daughter Cecilia to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health for physical therapy, they expected professional care. What they experienced, however, was nothing short of exceptional.

Todd is manager of imaging at Our Lady of the Lake Livingston, and Jaclyn also works in healthcare. Together they have a unique perspective, with a combined 43 years in the field. The dedication of Kylie Hodnett, PT, DPT, a physical therapist with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, profoundly touched their hearts.

A Mothers Concern and a Therapist’s Compassion

“Cecilia has faced significant medical challenges for over six years, including urinary and GI issues,” Jaclyn says. Scheduling Cecilia’s pelvic floor evaluation took some time, and her first appointment was scheduled at 7:15 a.m. one morning in April.

“From the beginning, the entire team was wonderful and professional,” Jaclyn says.

As life often does, a scheduling conflict arose when the family realized Cecilia’s long-awaited STEM Club field trip coincided with the appointment. 

Faced with a dilemma, Jaclyn reached out to Kylie, their assigned therapist, just two days before the scheduled visit. Jaclyn explained the situation, worried that Cecilia might miss the trip she had been eagerly anticipating all year. 

To Jaclyn’s relief and gratitude, Kylie immediately offered to start the evaluation earlier, ensuring Cecilia could attend her field trip.

“Miss Kylie was ready to go by 7 a.m. and worked efficiently to cut down the evaluation time,” Jaclyn says. “Her willingness to adjust her schedule for Cecilia left me speechless and deeply grateful.”

Easing Fears to Build Confidence

The morning of the appointment, Cecilia was understandably anxious.

Jaclyn describes the transformation she witnessed: “Cecilia, usually shy and stressed due to her medical history, was visibly upset as we arrived. But the moment Kylie greeted her, I saw an immediate change.”

Kylie’s upbeat and fun interaction made Cecilia feel at ease. 

“Over the next 45 minutes, I watched my daughter transform into the happy, silly and confident little girl we know at home,” Jaclyn says. “Kylie created a safe, engaging and positive environment for her.”

Creating an Ongoing Supportive Atmosphere

Kylie’s impact didn’t stop at that single session. 

“Cecilia has gained remarkable confidence since meeting Kylie,” Jaclyn says. “She completes her food journals, exercise charts and the ‘helpers’ Kylie taught her, all by herself.”

The Peters family is deeply touched by Kylie’s dedication and compassion. 

“As healthcare workers, we strive to make a positive impact on our patients,” Jaclyn says. “Seeing someone like Kylie, who goes above and beyond, restores our faith in the profession. Her kindness and dedication are rare and invaluable.”

Team members like Kylie make a difference every day at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and across our health system. 

“Kylie has made a lasting impact on Cecilia, and we are incredibly grateful for her,” Jaclyn says. “She embodies the true spirit of healthcare, reminding us why we chose this field. We are thankful that she works in such an awesome place.”

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