Managing Engorgement

Jul 15, 2021 | Children's Health

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When your milk increases, or “comes in” you may experience breast fullness that leads to engorgement. If you do, these are some tips to try:


  1. Feed your baby frequently to help keep the milk flowing. Less frequent feeds = more engorgement!
  2. If your baby is having difficulty latching due to the fullness/firmness of the breast, you can hand express or pump for a few minutes prior to latching to soften the areola, which will allow your baby to latch more deeply, more easily.
  3. If your baby is getting full before you are getting relief, you can also pump “to comfort,” meaning just enough to relieve the pressure, until baby is ready to feed again.
  4. Warm compresses for a few minutes before a feeding will help get your milk flowing, and cold compresses for a short time (no longer than 10–15 minutes) after a feeding, can help ease swelling.

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