Plan to Shake Up ADD/ADHD Treatment This Summer

May 25, 2021 | Children's Health

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Summer break is the perfect time to break from ADD/ADHD treatment routines and try something new that may be a better plan for your little one.

There’s no time like the present to focus on your little one’s health.

Need to schedule an evaluation or re-evaluation of your child who lives with ADD/ADHD? Considered trying a new medication, a different dosage, or an alteration to the treatment regimen, but don’t want to impact your child’s performance at school? The time is now to do so as the summer break gets underway.

Think about it: there’s no pressure from the school year. No academic tests, extracurricular activities or other tasks for you to squeeze into your already overburdened daily planner. So, no falling asleep in class, no lack of focus during a test, and no school-related behavioral issues to contend with. And, it’s easier to get an appointment with a pediatrician or mental health professional, as many families are traveling or heading off on vacation.

So, what’s the first step? Make a plan. Contact your provider to discover open appointment times and dates. Work with them to determine a treatment schedule that allows you to fit in family fun, vacation, and other summer must-do’s with achieving desired healthcare goals before the new school year starts.

Summer also is a great time to work with your ADD/ADHD child on focus skills, such as puzzles, artwork, reading and limiting screen time – anything your child enjoys that doesn’t feel like schoolwork. You also may want to consider:

  • Decide to take a break, make adjustments to dosages, or try new medications if you aren’t happy with the ones your child is on.
  • Some kids function better at camps on medications, so it’s best to make no alterations.
  • Breaks are okay, as long as you’ve discussed the option with your medical provider managing your little one’s ADD/ADHD care.
  • Don’t try going back to school while off of the medications! Wait until after the first quarter to make those evaluations with your provider.

Don’t go back in the fall and wish you would have tried something different over the break. Act now!

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