Take the Water Watcher Pledge

May 17, 2022 | Children's Health

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Water safety is on everyone’s mind this time of year. As the temperature rises, many kids want to cool off in pools, lakes, beaches and oceans this summer. But swimming in water can be dangerous when there is no supervision involved. Drowning can be silent and fast. Active supervision is your child’s best protection.

Please join us in taking a pledge towards water safety for kids. Pledge to be a Water Watcher.

Water Watcher Pledge

To help protect children from drowning, I will:

  • Constantly watch the children who are in or near water and keep them within reach.
  • Give this tag to another adult who agrees to actively watch the children if I need to leave for any reason.
  • Make sure rescue equipment is easily accessible and keep phone and emergency numbers with me.
  • In case of an emergency, I will yell for help, get the child and all other children out of the water, and call 911. I will never leave the child; if I am trained, I will begin CPR and first aid, if necessary.

In an event of any emergency, call 911 immediately.

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, in partnership with Crawfish Aquatics, created a handy tag for adults to wear when they are designated as the Water Watcher.

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