Vaccines Are the Best Way to Protect Kids from Illness

Jul 21, 2021 | Children's Health

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shone new light on the power and impact of vaccines—or in this case, what can happen in the absence of one. Vaccines are an easy-yet-vital way to protect children from disease.

The back-to-school period is the time of year when parents take kids to the doctor for checkups and for scheduled vaccines. This year is no different. Staying on schedule with vaccines is critically important so your child doesn’t contract easily preventable diseases.

These frequently asked questions illustrate how important vaccines are:

What is the single biggest success in modern medicine?


What do vaccines do?

Vaccines protect and prevent serious and deadly infections.

How do vaccines work?

A small amount of killed, weakened or fragmented virus or bacteria is given. It wakes up the immune system to recognize the virus/bacteria by making antibodies. Then, when you are exposed to the virus or bacteria in the future, your immune system takes over and prevents infection.

How effective are vaccines?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports approximately 42,000 of the 4.1 million children born in the United States each year would die early deaths as a result of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Is it safe to get a vaccine during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. It is extremely important to protect your child from vaccine-preventable illnesses. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends certain vaccines at certain ages to prevent common diseases.

Should younger people get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Connect with your pediatrician to make sure your child is up-to-date on their vaccines. 

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