Kid-Approved Game Day Snack Ideas

Jan 25, 2023 | Eating Well, Parenting

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When you’re gearing up to watch the big game on the big screen, you’ll want to have some yummy noshes on hand.

These healthier snack options are easy to eat when tuned into a game, whether the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl or even just watching the ads. Even better — they’ll fuel your whole family as you get your groove on during the halftime show or if you toss the ball around in the backyard between halves.

Mini Sized Munchies

Easy to make and even easier to eat – take a favorite food and make it tiny! Bite-sized pizzas are always a hit, and by using whole grains — think mini bagel or small circles cut from an English muffin or tortilla — for the crust, lower-sugar marinara sauce and plenty of veggies for toppings, you’ll have a fueling, poppable snack that’s also a crowd pleaser.

Load up on protein with baked chicken nuggets, mixing in cheese with whole-wheat breadcrumbs before baking to create a tasty bite without a lot of added sugar.

Dippable Delights

Is a game day a game day without dip? Melty cheese queso is welcome at any spread, and by adding in dips that pack a bigger nutritional punch you can feel great about your dipping while enjoying flavors you love.

Mix up some black bean and corn salsa or a heart-healthy guacamole to your desired spiciness level. Serve with baked tortilla chips (you can even make your own!) and plenty of fresh cut veggies. Win-win!

Fruity Flavors Never Fail

Instead of fruit-flavored snacks, go for the goal with servings of actual fruit. A tray of fruit brings color and flavor to your game day spread. Mix in kid favorites like apples, citrus wedges, melon and berries, and for extra credit you can nestle them all in a hollowed-out watermelon cut to resemble a football helmet. 

Safety Tips

Be sure to cut grapes or other small fruits in half to prevent any choking hazards for the littlest fans. 

Popcorn is another choking hazard to avoid feeding babies and toddlers, but for older fans it’s a great, healthy whole grain that’s munchable (and tossable when the refs make a bad call). 

Touchdown Sweets

A healthy approach to nutrition includes balance and all things in moderation, including sweets that are every kid’s favorite. Cut chocolate treats such as brownies in the shape of footballs and use white frosting to draw the lacing to carry the game day theme through desserts. Try a black bean brownie recipe for added protein without sacrificing flavor.

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