How to Prepare for Robotic Surgery

Jul 14, 2021 | Body

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Are you scheduled for a surgical procedure that will be performed robotically? You may be wondering how to prepare. You prepare for a robotic surgery in much the same way you prepare for any type of surgical procedure.

That’s because the key differences in a robotic surgical procedure and a traditional surgery lie in the benefits to the patient, not the pre-surgical prep.

There are still some important steps you can take to improve your chances of an optimal outcome.

What Is Robotic Surgery?

The most important aspect to know about robotic surgery is that a robot does not perform your procedure.

Your surgeon will perform your surgery with the assistance of a robot. He or she will make tiny incisions at the surgical site and insert tiny surgical instruments and a camera. Seated at a console and guided by a video feed of the surgical site, your surgeon will then make the same movements he or she would normally use to perform surgery. In real time, the robot will make those movements using the surgical instruments.

This allows your surgery to be performed using smaller incisions.

Preparing for a Robotic Surgery Procedure

At your final medical visit before your surgical procedure, your medical provider or a nurse will provide you with a set of specific guidelines to follow prior to the robotic surgery. This will include directions about when to stop eating and drinking, when and if you should take your regular medications, and in some cases, what type of preparation is necessary.

It’s very important to follow these instructions carefully, because they are vitally important for keeping you safe and promoting a successful surgical procedure.

Beyond the steps outlined in your medical instructions, you can also practice some other healthy habits in the days and weeks leading up to your surgical procedure. These steps will help improve your health overall—and promote a positive outcome:

  • Stop smoking. If you smoke, now’s the time to quit. Not only does smoking increase your risk of many serious health conditions, but it can delay your recovery following surgery.
  • Clean up your diet. Inflammation within the body is often impacted by the foods we eat. In the time leading up to surgery, focus on eating a low-inflammation diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed and red meats.
  • Move more. Exercising regularly is a good habit at any time, but exercising in the time before surgery can be especially helpful. You’ll want to get back up and on your feet following robotic surgery, and exercise will help you build the stamina and strength to do so.

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