What Men Should Know About Concierge Medicine at Our Lady of the Lake

Sep 30, 2022 | Primary Care

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Keeping up with a busy schedule is difficult for many of us. For men in high-powered positions or with major business responsibilities, it’s next to impossible. 

That’s why men’s health needs often fall to the bottom of the to-do list. What’s alarming is that men are twice as likely as women to suffer from chronic illnesses and serious health issues, but much less likely to see a doctor about it.

This is where Our Lady of the Lake Men’s Health Center & Executive Wellness comes in. As a membership-based center, it was designed with a goal of making it easier for men to take control of their health and get back to business.

Men’s Health Center members get streamlined and direct access to our clinic and men’s health physicians—that includes same-day or next-day appointments with virtually no wait for any medical problem you may have.

Too busy to come into the clinic? Certain visits, questions about refills and more can be done over the phone, by secure email or through a video chat with your physician. 

What It’s Like to Be a Member

We have several membership levels:

  • Men’s Health Membership: For men 30 or older. This membership includes an Annual Health Review, direct access to care providers during business hours (and via phone, text, email or video visit) and access to cash discounts on specialized imaging and lab tests. You will also get extended time with your physician and access to same-day/next-day appointments and drop-ins.
  • Junior Membership: For men between 16 and 30 years old. This membership includes the same perks as the regular Men’s Health Membership but is catered to younger men at a discounted yearly membership fee.
  • Platinum Membership: For men 30 or older with an additional fee to include their spouse on the plan. This membership includes all the perks of a regular membership, plus a comprehensive Executive Wellness Exam, unlimited access to your physician, after-hours consultations and facilitated access to medical specialists when necessary.

Learn more about the membership plans.

Meet the Men’s Health Team

The beauty of a Men’s Health Center membership is the ability to develop an individualized relationship with our men’s health physicians.

Curtis Chastain, MD, is medical director of the Men’s Health and Executive Wellness Center. Meet Dr. Chastain:

Tyler Boudreaux, MD, is an internal medicine and primary care physician with the Men’s Health and Executive Wellness Center. Meet Dr. Boudreaux:

Get Our Top-Tier Exam

Our Platinum Membership includes an Executive Wellness Exam, but the good news is that same comprehensive review is available to any man or woman, whether a Men’s Health Center member or not, for a fee.

The Executive Wellness Exam is a three-hour review that includes extended one-on-one time with one of our men’s health physicians and a variety of tests and screenings.

What to expect: 

  • Comprehensive lab work, including blood work
  • Diagnostic imaging, such as a chest X-ray and any ultrasound needs 
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Physician consultation to review all findings from the exam 
  • Summary packet with a full report for you to take home

Call (225) 765-4400 to schedule an appointment for an Executive Wellness Exam. Find out more about Our Lady of the Lake Men’s Health Center & Executive Wellness.

A relationship with a primary care provider is necessary for everyone’s health journey—whether it’s through a concierge health service or through a regular physician. Connect with one of our primary care providers.

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