Celebrate Love, Joy and Healthy Hearts as a Family

Jan 23, 2024 | Seasonal

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Valentine’s Day serves as a beautiful reminder to prioritize the health of our physical hearts while strengthening the love we experience through our parent-child bonds.

This Valentine’s Day, let love be the guiding force in your family. Use these tips from ParentingU to enjoy this season of love in good health!

Strengthen Your Hearts Together

Taking care of our bodies is an act of love, and the holiday can serve as a reminder to prioritize regular exercise and healthy habits for your family’s overall well-being.

Engage in family activities that promote cardiovascular health, such as brisk walks, family bike rides, playful outdoor games or even simple home workouts. Together you can foster habits to contribute to stronger, healthier hearts for every member of the family.

This shared commitment to physical well-being can become a powerful expression of love for one another.

Get Crafty with Hearts

What’s a holiday with kids if you don’t create some paper crafts as homemade seasonal décor for your walls, windows or fridge? Channel your creativity and create a beautiful heart-themed masterpiece together.

Grab some scissors, glue, markers or pens, and colored construction paper – red, pink and white are traditional colors but really any colors will do. Cut out hearts in a color and size for each family member.

Write down qualities or things you love about each family member on the hearts that represent them. Younger family members can draw pictures to express their love!

Arrange the hearts and glue them on a larger piece of paper or poster board in the shape of a tree, drawing a trunk to connect them visually. This “Family Tree of Hearts” can symbolize the love that binds you and serve as a visual reminder of the unique qualities that make your family special.

A Little Indulgence: Treats with Love

A healthy lifestyle will also include indulging in treats every now and then. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a touch of sweetness. Consider baking heart-shaped cookies together or creating a fruit bouquet. Embrace the joy of sharing these treats as a family.

The joy your family will derive from these moments of being together is as important as the treats themselves. Savor the sweetness of life together!

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