Easter is About More than the Bunny

Mar 25, 2022 | Seasonal

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Egg hunts and other spring events are back on the calendar this year as the omicron variant has receded and COVID-19 infection rates remain low. Make the most of this season with these ideas for sharing the meaning of Easter with your little funny bunnies.

The Meaning of Easter

“The reason for the season” is a common phrase during Christmas, but it’s also worth keeping in mind during Easter, too. In American culture, Easter is linked with spring, candy, eggs and, perhaps most of all, the Easter Bunny, who may bring gifts for Easter like Santa does for Christmas.

As a Catholic health system, we know Easter is about much more.

When sharing the Easter story, meet children where they are. Focusing on the details that are age appropriate. The cycle of seasons and repetition throughout childhood will help the depth of the story become real for them as they grow.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a beautiful tradition exploring the events of Good Friday and a powerful way to share the meaning of Easter with kids. Used by Catholic churches and other Christian denominations, the descriptions of each station can be meaningful even for children. Loyola Press offers both interactive and downloadable Stations of the Cross for Children.

Symbolic Tomb Craft

Make use of materials on hand to create a symbolic tomb. Have your kids draw a paper doll version of Jesus or create a likeness from clothespins or other materials. Use strips of white cloth or tissue to symbolize how his body was wrapped before burial. Place the likeness into a shoebox with a rock on top to symbolize the rock that was rolled in front of the tomb.

On Easter morning, swap out the likeness of Jesus with treats and chocolates. This twist on an Easter basket can bring the Easter story to life for your little ones while still giving them the payoff of a joyful Easter morning with candy and other delights.

Whip Up a Tasty Egg Salad

If you have a plethora of hard-boiled eggs, dyed or otherwise, use up the leftovers in a delicious, classic egg salad. Whether you make a sandwich or scoop with whole grain crackers, your family will have a high-protein snack.

Chop up peeled, hard-boiled eggs. Mix in some Greek yogurt (instead of mayonnaise), Dijon mustard, and chopped green onions or celery. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

For a delicious variation, add in some mashed avocado for its heart-healthy fat. Be sure to include some lemon or lime juice to slow browning.

Butterfly Craft and Snack

The butterfly, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, is appropriate to link to an Easter celebration. Turn an average snack bag of bite-sized treats into an adorable butterfly with a few craft supplies.

Fill a small, snack-sized zip-top bag with grapes, Goldfish crackers, dried fruit, cereal, blueberries or even jellybeans. Decorate a clothespin to be the butterfly’s body, adding googly eyes and a folded and curled chenille stem for its antenna. Clip the decorated clothespin to the bag, which will create the butterfly’s wings.

Whether crafting or snacking, celebrating or exploring the depth of the Easter story, we wish you a happy and meaningful Easter season.

Check out our Easter playlist filled with upbeat tunes to celebrate.

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