Celebrating Our Terrific Twos + Tips for Making Birthday Parties Safer

Sep 25, 2021 | Parenting

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We all hoped that by now birthday parties would be back to normal, indoors and up-close, yet social distancing and masks are still part of our party planning process. Here are some tips to reduce your COVID-19 risk while you keep the party going to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Celebrating only with those you live with is safest, and a party at home can be as meaningful and fun as any birthday blowout bash.  

Keeping the celebration outside with plenty of room to move is the safest way to meet in person during the pandemic. Renting a bounce house or setting up special games in the yard can make time together feel like a party. Drive-by parties were all the rage in 2020. For families with someone at very high risk they can still be a great option. 

If you do choose to celebrate your child’s birthday with in-person parties, here are a few helpful tips to keep everyone safe: 

  • Guests should follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and wear a face mask 
  • Non-family members should remain six feet apart 
  • Everyone at the party should wash their hands upon arrival, frequently during and before leaving 
  • Surfaces should be disinfected regularly, particularly when the party is over 
  • Seating should be six feet apart 
  • Use disposable plates, cutlery and cups 
  • Food should be single-serve, and snacks and chips should be individually bagged 

    However you choose to celebrate, we wish your little one the happiest birthday. 

    Exceptionally Terrific Twos: Celebrating Two Years of Amazing 

    As Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital celebrates our second anniversary, we acknowledge our many blessings and accomplishments. We are reminded of our mission and are genuinely inspired to strengthen our commitment to the children we serve. We continue to invest in our healthcare infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies, so Louisiana’s kids have access to the best pediatric care right here in Baton Rouge.  

    Our hospital has grown! 

    • We added an Infusion Center for COVID-19 patients. 
    • We administered more than 630 COVID-19 vaccines since June. 
    • We added six new oncology rooms. 
    • We opened the Newton & Betsy Thomas Family Center for Newborn & Infant Intensive Care that includes a surgical NICU with 11 beds in 10 private rooms, promoting a family-centered environment. 
    • We completed our first neonatal transport to the NICU and had our first neonatal graduate. 
    • We celebrated one year hospital-acquired infection free. 
    • We added a second fully equipped radiology room. 

      Our Children’s Hospital is having an impact on our community too, with a TEAM UP partnership with Pennington Biomedical Research Center to provide weight management to children ages 6 to 15 and participating in LA Key COVID-19 testing to support safe entry in schools. 

      Just like you have hope and dreams for your birthday kid’s future, so do we. Our future growth highlights include adding an outpatient physical therapy gym, an outpatient audiology booth and a second MRI. 

      Birthdays can be great reminders to schedule your child’s yearly well check with their pediatrician. Find an Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health network pediatrician here.

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