Gift Ideas for New Parents

Dec 20, 2022 | Parenting

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Diapers and wipes are a no-brainer gift for new parents. But if you’re looking for pediatrician-approved presents, ParentingU’s got you covered.

Grant Clinkingbeard, MD, pediatrician with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health in Covington, shares his top picks for gifts for new parents.

Diaper Cream Spatula

Almost all new parents inevitably will have to manage a diaper rash at some point. Applying a good coat of diaper cream can be incredibly messy when using gauze or your fingers. This spatula from Bumco solves that problem. It layers on the perfect coat every time and keeps your hands clean. The spatula can be easily wiped and stands upright to keep the spreading surface off the changing table. It’s a tool parents didn’t know they needed. 

Nose Care

Infants and toddlers often contract nasty cold and flu viruses and end up with a snotty and runny nose. Suctioning out the mucus is a mainstay of symptom management and can help little ones feel much better. 

The baby nasal aspirator from NoseFrida is a huge improvement from the classic suction bulb. Parents can create suction pressure with their mouths. There is a filter that keeps any unwanted mucus from making it to the parents. It isn’t as gross as it sounds!


You will often hear pediatricians talk about “Safe Sleep,” which means that the baby is sleeping on their back in a crib/bassinet with nothing else on the sleeping surface. Swaddling with a blanket can be challenging, and babies often find ways to wiggle out. This can leave a wad of blankets in the crib, which isn’t ideal. 

Velcro sleep sacks and swaddles help to fix this issue! They are a great way to keep your baby safe and comfortable overnight. 

Pack and Play

This is the MVP that every parent needs. In addition to being a great play area, a pack and play is also a safe place for your baby to sleep. It is especially useful for traveling with young children.

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