Women at the Helm of Healthcare: A Tradition of Providing Healing and Hope for Our Communities

Mar 4, 2022 | Mission

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Our Sisters were unquestionably pioneers—women, founding a healthcare system in the deep South—proving beyond doubt that women can be exceptional leaders.

Our health system’s story began more than 110 years ago when the traveled from Europe and established Louisiana as their new home. They immediately began caring for the sick and needy and, two years later, opened St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe. This was the first of many hospitals founded under their leadership.

Our Sisters paved the way for future generations by serving as examples of how women can have careers and flourish professionally, personally and spiritually. Today, their initial goal of opening one hospital has grown into what is now the region’s most esteemed Catholic health system, and a majority women-empowered workforce. Women make up 65% of our team and are the backbone of our history and current health system.

We remain in awe of our Sisters and of so many who set a precedent of breaking barriers, disarming inequality and shattering ceilings by simply being God’s servants first.

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