Establishing a Foundation for Lifelong Health

Feb 8, 2022 | Children's Health

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Building a trusted relationship with a pediatrician is a prescription for wellness. Whether you are the parent of a newborn baby or a growing adolescent, you know how unpredictable life with a child can be. If you are trying to figure out how to manage a case of the sniffles, a sprained ankle, or an unfortunate conflict with a group of unkind classmates, a pediatrician can help you navigate the unknown.


“As primary care providers for babies, children and teenagers, pediatricians focus on helping each child grow from an infant into a compassionate adult,” says Chris Funes, MD, FAAP, pediatrician at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health. “Our goal is to be trusted advisors so parents and kids know where they can turn if acute wellness challenges occur.”

The Value of Regular Check-Ins

One of the main responsibilities of a pediatrician is to perform regular well-child visits from infancy all the way through adolescence. These visits are scheduled most frequently during your child’s first two years of life and then annually until your child is 21. 

During a well-child visit, a pediatrician will measure height or length, weight, and will also check vital signs, such as blood pressure. Immunizations will be administered according to schedule. These visits are also when you will discuss your child’s development, important milestones, and issues that you may have questions about during different stages of your child’s life.

“Well visits are the heart of pediatrics,” Dr. Funes says. “So much information comes out during those visits. This is also when we offer anticipatory guidance on a multitude of topics, such as sleep safety guidelines, toddler-proofing your home and protecting your teens from the negativity often associated with social media.” 

During these visits, if your pediatrician identifies a condition that needs to be investigated by a specialist, such as a pediatric cardiologist, they can make a referral. 

“Our general pediatricians have great relationships with pediatric specialists,” Dr. Funes says. “If you need specialized pediatric care, we will collaborate with you to find someone who best meets your child’s needs.”

If you are an existing patient one of our Children’s Health pediatricians, did you know that you can be seen by the first available provider in our network, in-person or virtually? To schedule an appointment with one of our Children’s Health pediatricians, call (225) 374-HEAL (4325).

Healthcare. At Your Fingertips.

Pediatricians with extended hours, virtual visits, pediatric-focused emergency rooms—you’re a click, phone call, or short drive away from exceptional pediatric care any time of the day or night anywhere in Louisiana.

Our integrated Children’s Health network ensures a continuum of care for your little one. What does that mean? Well, it means our providers share an electronic records system, ensuring the provider caring for your child has your little one’s medical history and most current information at their fingertips.

Our providers offer exceptional, convenient care. 

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